The Drug

What’s wrong?

What is it?

I went to that place again,

The place that I should never go.

You should never go?

Is it forbidden?


It is not forbidden.

Not in the sense that you mean.

What happened there?

What did you see?


I saw nothing.

Why did you go?

I went for answers.

I went to look.

To look?

To look at something?


I went to find something.

I went to find the drug.

the all-perfect drug.

A drug?

THE Drug.

The one to stop all the pain.

Yet pain is all I saw.

You saw pain?

I saw pain.

I saw the Hate,

the Death,

the Emptiness and Gloom.

And I saw them because they will never leave.



Yet my eyes see only now,

never tomorrow.

I once thought it all gone,

the Pain, you know.

I held the Drug,

I thought I held the Drug.

You thought?


Now I fear I am wrong.

So I went to that place,

to find the answers,

to ask if I was wrong,

if this drug is wrong.

Is it wrong,

this drug?

I don’t know.

Won’t you please tell me?

December 2, 1996

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