Adah’s Sea

I watch her,
Penultimate Innocence,
The image of wonder
As she holds a fragile life in her hand,
God to something unknowing.
She sees that beauty,
Recognizes the fragility,
And considers her actions in light of conscious life.
She does not know,
Cannot know the depth of this emotion,
The verity in my longing to deny myself
To the Truth of her purity.
The sea moves on,
Gentle under the warm sun,
Singing her slow song of the ages,
Wave after wave
She wets the sand.
We move,
Impermanent shadows across the face of the Earth;
My time grows ever shorter
Even as the fullness of her majesty grows –
I am crushed in the knowledge of my eventual departure,
For she shall shake mountains,
And move worlds.
I sit in the sun
And contemplate her soft movement,
The stroke against shell,
Squinting in the brightness,
She is what I had hoped to make,
Completeness from my brokenness,
And my life is not a waste.
I have hungered for immortality,
But never so as now,
As in this moment where I long
To follow the story of this flower,
Planted through my love,
Tended under my foolish watch,
And flowered in my twilight.
I wish that I had forever
To hold that tiny hand,
And see that pure innocence
Before time and tide wash it to memory,
As life takes its toll.


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