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The inverse side, the inside song.

Your words, the words run like smoke.


I held on and once again, burned, I cry to no one.

She held out her hand,

not knowing why,

and I took it,

not knowing why.

A cold wind,

gray and sad,

blows me down and those hands are there,


laughing that I fell.

She looks into their eyes and I see a mockery

of all that I have.

I have no more room for sadness.

So, look at these eyes

and understand my goodbye

as eternal.


Oct 1998


A walk in the Light

I stare at that light,

that light at the end of the tunnel,

and I wonder,

“Why are there no colors?”


Then I devour the light.

I watch it twist and dance –

it is not only at the end of the tunnel,

but it runs along the sides,

liquid diamonds.

I long to drink it.



I spit.

The uselessness of these words!

ow many times

do I say the exact thing,


and over?

Every time these same,

comfortless words.

What are they?

An expression of my desire?

I write them,

think them to the light,

hoping it will hear,

(for written language is nothing

to the light).

I beg again for that light,

and I touch it with my finger,

snapping the dream.

I fall again into the useless reality.

The light will not let me in,

not alone.

But no one else can see it,

and I quake with frustrated rage.

So close,

yet close

is meaningless.

But in that light,

reality and that narrow tunnel between

are less than a dream.


There I know myself,

as I melt into my guide

and the light penetrates

my soul,

purging it of shadow,

fusing it to another soul,


But where is my guide,

and for how long must I search?

I grow weary of games,

of testing through words,

these same words.


Step into the light with me,

hold my hand and we will explore that world.

We can explore the light.

I say ‘we’,

but who is that other?

Where can I find that soul

with courage?

One that wants to taste that light

with me?


if only you could see that light

as I do!

If you had put your hand into it

and felt that jolt

of life

that stops the heart.

There I have seen the world melt

as time stood still.

There you can go beyond tasting the world,

drinking her colors.


come with me –

it is so much easier than you think.

Let go

and come with me.

I cannot understand your fear,

and I hope that you do not see the light

through my words only,

for they are nothing.

I hope that you have been touched by the light.

But your fear speaks otherwise.

Let me take you to the light.



no love

If I have not love,

I have nothing.

That is where I lie,

and why I shudder

to gaze in the mirror.

Can one learn to love?

Can it be forced from concept to practice to characteristic?

I do not love you,

I do not care.

I cannot grasp the social, collective spirit of humanity.

I drift,

a ship broken free of its moorings,

alone and unheeding within a storm

of uncaring.



Oh How Divine

“Oh my father,” I cried aloud,

“if, alas, she would but come to me

and freely place upon my face

the sweet taste of her lips.

Oh divine dream of the gods it would seem,

utter joy.”


“Be wary, o my son,” cautioned the wizened old sage,

“For a kiss such as this

is indeed the dream of the gods.

Joy so pure,

so splendidly divine,

love a mortal frame cannot contain,

heavenly love.”


“So be it,” I muttered,

“my path in death has been appointed

as has been my road in life,

for I shall dream of joy eternal,

for death upon her lips.”



The Legend of the Brother Sword

A shadow falls across the hall,

backlighting themes aligning into strange patterns.

The forest floor echoes those whispers,

two brothers alone together,

power and strength as a completed team,

shadow and panther.

The dim light of a flame

flickers in the eyes of the one,

the other trained on the back of his brother,

respect and fear mingle together,

blend with determined grit.

The goal is godhood,

the price – a life.



(untitled) – Cracked Sky

I watch the sky crack.

The horizon is painted glass,

and it cracks.

I press against the glass.

It is cold,

frigid and biting.

It is so cold.

I strain to see through,

but all my excitement allows is a furtive glance,

a peek at another world,

a world of mystery and shadow.

Through the crack I see my dreams,

those who painted the dome surrounding this world,

the dome that serves as a border between the two.

I flatten myself against the glass

and struggle to slip through the hole,

through time and into another world.

The icy presence of the painted wall

reminds me to watch the sharp edges.

I must not be cut.

It is perhaps because of this caution,

misplaced though it is,

that I fail to see the long,

sharp blade

as it slides into my belly,

and up through my ribs

until the point rests just within my heart.

At first,

the mists of shock numb the pain.

“What has just happened?”

The words form in my mind

as my warm lifeblood spills over my body.

The feeling is elation.

I no longer feel the bite of the cold touch

of glass.

Yet with time,

the seriousness of my wound becomes evident.

The pain drops me to my knees,

I fall,

kneeling in both worlds,

a part of each,

and neither.

I fall within arms’ reach of my dreams.

The world of mystery calls to me,

its trees singing of serenity

and peace.

The moon cries in my pain.

“come to us,”

sing the sweet voices of a thousand birds,

“come and fly with us.

we will show you wonders,


This is your world.”

Yet the loss of blood is too much.

All I can do is retch.

Even breathing is deathly painful.

I look at my chest,

and see the blade is still there.

From out of my belly

comes the last inch of a cruel blade.

I follow it to the hilt,

and behold the pained that pained me so grievously.

The hand is beauty,

exquisitely soft

and warm.

I long to hold it,

to feel it on my face.

It could end the pain.

Please let it end the pain.

But the hand trembles,

violent sobs jarring the blade in my chest,

and my tears dry in the force of the pain.

For days,

it seems,

I rest here.

A wound that cannot heal,

complicated by the blade within,

barbed and poisoned.

It writhes within me,

and I cannot heal.

And yet the pain is a comfort,

an irony I do not comprehend.

Perhaps it is madness,

from the strain.

Eden at my fingertips,

and my blood on the ground.

My emotion overwhelms

and I remember that I live.

The pain reminds me of life.


like the Cyclops

(for he was granted the knowledge of future,

albeit the knowledge of his own death,

in exchange for his eye,

a cruel trick of the fates),

like the Cyclops I see my own future,

my reward for the pain.

Yet this too is the sight of my death,

a sight I do not wish to see,

but my eyes can not close to the vision.

I am one with that image.

I see the knife withdraw,

only in the vision,

I remember,

even as my fingers probe the wound),

I see the blade slide out,

pulled by the same hand that had there thrust it.

It is rent from my chest,

one swift motion.

Yet the blade was barbed

and so with it comes my heart,



“Please let it live,”

OI cry in my mind.

This pain is unbearable,

Yet I cannot escape consciousness.

This pain is too great.

The wound reopens.

I bleed a painful bleed,

each drop striking nerves.

My God,

can I stand this pain?

And then the blade is gone,

the trembling hand of beauty,

the cruel twisted blade,

all gone from my sight.

My heart lay at my knees.

I collapse beside it.

I collapse into the world of dreams.

Yet that was a vision.

I snap to the present,

to the trembling blade,

to the pain,

and I am somehow gladdened.

Here I watch that world of shadow,

watch it grow

even as it drinks from the fount

of my blood.

And from it grows flowers,

singing in the sunlight,

calling to bees,

“come and taste,

come and take our gifts.”

Here I see the sky,

I see angelic forms dancing,

master of the air,

they giggle as the soar.

And I watch the hand,

I wish to caress it,

to love it,

to follow it back to the body,

to find the face of beauty

I know rests just out of sight,

watching me with distant eyes,

eyes that see only magic,

crying, laughing eyes,

eyes that can trap.

I long to hear that voice,

the melody of that voice

and the dancing waves of accent,

its laughter and song.,

I dream of those ears,

of their understanding,

of the desire to hear my prattling.

And so,

the pain is a comfort.

The pain has become my desire,

an excuse to rest in both worlds,

a bridge between the two.

I have fallen for this hand

and I hope to keep it near,

both for my passionate longing,

and for the fear of its withdrawal.

I fear the pain IO know will come,

yet even for that,

I wish to stay

and slowly work free this blade,

perhaps I will heal?

I see the magic of that world,

and I speak of it to the hand

(for I know the ears are listening),

and I speak of my world,

of the stars that rise so that I might tell a tale,

as a connect the dots drawing,

they lay as pieces of the epic.

“See, there is Anaeolbeth,

the star of the lovers.

See as she rises,

she will catch her love Corant

just as the first rays of the sun strike the heavens.

They will fade together,

only to run again tomorrow.”

I speak of the mountains,

distant and grand,

towering over the world.

They watch everything and hold council,

slow and ancient,

council for centuries.

The mountains are full,

the bestow their love on me,

jewels and ore.

These mountains whisper my name,

low and rumbling.

They laugh in the storms.

I speak to my companion,

I hope against hope for the unthinkable.

I hope against hope to hold this hand,

and to walk in that world,

to see those wonders,

and feel the winds,

to become a part of those legends told in the stars.

I plead with the hand,

and I hear a reply/

I rise from my knees,

oblivious to pain.

I rise form my knees at that voice,

and smile at the heavens.

Yet the words are not what I imagined,

and their meaning sinks slowly into my mind.

I listen and hear,

not understanding.


I fall to my knees.

My head swims in the pain.

The words drain my strength,

and annihilate hope.

The answer echoes in my mind,

the answer to my plea.

“come with me,”

I begged.

The answer breaks my mind.

“I cannot.

Please understand.

I cannot.”

November 12, 1997

Familiar Voices

Familiar voices echo in unlistening ears —


both the ears,

and the mindless chatter to fill time.

Do you ask,

why do I ask,

questions I won’t answer

unless it is done in a riddle,

for in truth,

I do not understand



Vacant eyes,



unrecognizable in the mirage of my joy

clouds of deep purple happiness

cover my soul like the storm covers the sun

then you ask yourself,

the quiet voice of doubt,

“Is there a sun,

and so a soul?”

I will not answer,

I no longer care for anything I once did.

I am now self-centered,

the sun of my world of imagination

and closed whispery daydreams,

noting of the old life remains

save those familiar voices,

tombstone worthless,

only a faint memory.


March 15, 1998


My father is the pilot of this vessel,

yet it is foreign to me.

At terrible speed

we embark.


I search for my brother

among a multitude of strangers

or faces I memorized in ages past.

I see one I did not wish to see,

and I avoid her,

Always I avoid her.


I wait in my room when she knocks.

Reminds me of a celebration,

I exit to find her,

but she has left cash,

an age-old tradition,

a symbol.


She consults the seers,

the enchantress,

“one will ask for love,

and he will not offer,

the the other will be presented,

thus he is yours.”


The the cock crows.

It’s Christmas, My Love

It’s now Christmas

and I sit alone,

or as alone as I allow myself to be,

for in my mind

live a million memories

of Sundays past,

summer days in the sun

and futures still to be seen,

for nothing has become impossible,

and this world belongs to me,

or at least my own very small part.


It’s Christmas now

and tonight I dance in sweet dreams

of you

and love,

and us

and love.

I remember yesterday,

and envision tomorrow’s midnight dances,

and her king destroyed,

better for the dance.

I envision tomorrow’s loves,

tomorrow’s losses,

and tonight I feel warm.


And I ask you,

a form of pleading with you,

to remember our warmth,

how it shone between us,

a star all our own,

oh, feel that warmth

change the world around us,

the sky above us.

Remember how easy it was to smile in the sun,

and still remember to smile at good-byes,

to remember them as pauses,

rests until later,

for I cannot taste of what you are

and then remain unchanged,

for I give to you

and share in what you give,




but I ramble.


Christmas, my love, is tonight a warm glow,

the dance of my shadow

on the memory of you.

And that, my love,

is what I ask of you tonight,

to place your thoughts on those memories,

how we laughed together,

how we learned to think together,

through time,

almost to be together.


Tonight it’s Christmas

and I cannot help but smile

in warm thoughts,

to think of you and whisper,

“Merry Christmas,

My Love.”

December 25, 1997

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