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Alunia and the White – Intro

And chief among these were Flanst, Inyot, Alunia, and he who is called The White, for his true name has been lost in the records.

Flanst was a builder of great things, and loved wood and stone for his constructions.  His works echoed the beauty of darkness, and e spoke often of theories of Form and Function and Symmetry.  Flanst held mysteries behind his brow, and these were not often brought to light.  Yet when ascribed in word or image, even the coldest wept at the beauty.  The soul of Flanst however, was cruel and manipulative.  He enjoyed tears on the faces of others, either due to the poetry of his tongue, the beauty of his art, of the cruelty of his acts.  Some say he had traded his soul for his art, and felt the desire for pain, if only to say that he felt at all.

Inyot the Bold was a fierce general, though his troops served out of fearful resentment, rather than from respect.  Rarely was Inyot to be seen without uniform, nor without some device of war.  Though not often in the front lines of battle, Inyot was a brilliant strategist, and had long studied the art of war, and of war magics.  Few enemies, either on the field or off, who could long endure his wrath.  For Inyot understood nothing of honor, and assassination in the dark to him was equal to honorable death in battle — means to justify their ends.

The White, for there are none who recall his name, was skilled in magic.  He clad himself in loose robes, and bore both staff and sword, though can speak of the blade every unsheathed.  It was whispered that the blade had long ago been broken, in a tale that is recorded elsewhere.  The White posses a talent for magic that none before him, nor since, had ever displayed.  It is also told the he had bartered his soul for his art, yet fought and finally reclaimed it.  Before the reclamation however, his soul traveled dark and mysterious roads.  For this reason, the depths of his eyes could be damningly profound, and at times it appeared that he had lost himself in the chasms within.  Few know the fact, but to the White had also been granted the gift of flight.

Alunia was the beauty of the moon in its full, the sound of a slow brook thawed in deepest winter, and the warmth of the southern summer nights.  She resembled the high elves, yet loved the night as any shadow elf.  Alunia was high born, and proud.  She carried the strength of her ancestors, and a fierce magic, a magic that was both light and darkness – a marriage in rain, a funeral in summer, the moon in the night fog on the ocean.  She was called the dreamer, the fire, the light, and she who feared not the dawn.

As it was, these four were bound together through fate.  This is their tale.


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